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In 1735, John Peter Zenger, then publisher of the The New York Weekly Journal, was accused of libel. Zenger enlisted Andrew Hamilton, a prominent Philadelphia attorney, to represent him. Hamilton made, what at that time was, a novel legal argument: that which is true cannot be libel.  Disregarding the judge’s instruction and the law of the land, the jury returned a verdict of not-guilty. Andrew Hamilton’s creative and pragmatic arguments propelled Philadelphia’s legal professionals to the international stage and are said to have birthed the term “Philadelphia Lawyer”.  Throughout the 19th century, the phrase “it would puzzle a Philadelphia lawyer” referred to an issue so complex that it could only be resolved by a lawyer from Philadelphia.

At RS Law Group, our goal is to embody the modern-day equivalent of the “Philadelphia lawyer” and provide a range of services and results unmatched by other boutique law firms. We do so by applying creative, pragmatic and cost-efficient solutions to our clients’ needs, and by fostering a diverse network of clients.

Our philosophy is simple: by providing a broad range of services and working with our clients on every aspect of their business, we are able to understand our clients’ needs to a greater degree. From starting to selling a business, and everything in between, the team at RS Law Group leaves no option unexplored. We use every resource at our disposal to ensure our clients capitalize on every possible opportunity and protect their interests from all potential liabilities – even when the wholly unforeseen occurs. To us, being the modern “Philadelphia lawyer” does not mean no issue will ever puzzle us. It means that we do everything possible to ensure your particular issue reaches a maximally efficient and beneficial resolution.

Our clientele includes real estate owners and developers, financial institutions, investors, and myriad other businesses and individuals. Representing clients from a variety of industries often leads to the formation of long-lasting and incredibly beneficial business relationships between clients within our own network.  The team at RS Law Group will do more than solve your immediate legal needs; we will add value to your business.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”