Successful Orders.

We have successfully obtained relief from the automatic stay in Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bankruptcy Courts on behalf of secured creditors.

Successful Judgments.

We have obtained numerous money judgments against construction companies for faulty installations and remodeling projects in condominiums and homes in Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


We obtained injunctive relief, as well as money judgments, for our client against numerous lien companies and garages in Florida to stop the sales of motor vehicles through mechanic’s lien auctions.

Open Default Judgment.

We successfully opened and vacated a default judgment in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in favor of a local auto dealership.  We then successfully defended the auto dealership in Court involving a consumer transaction.


We obtained full payment for damages to a Florida condominium that occurred as a result of a leak from an upstairs neighbor.


We obtained a successful settlement, through litigation, for our client for the right to use a Copyright, software, Patent, and Website from an out-of-state Defendant.


We have successfully defended lawsuits, as well as negotiated generous settlements, on behalf of debtors from debt collectors in Pennsylvania,  New Jersey, and Florida.

Motor Vehicle Disputes.

We have obtained various types of equitable relief for our clients, including numerous replevin and break orders in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida for the return of motor vehicles.


We have helped landlords in Philadelphia successfully evict tenants for non-payment of rent and other breaches of lease.