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Unfortunately, litigation is often unavoidable in business. We believe litigation to be a regrettable outcome and approach disputes with that in mind. As counsel for Plaintiffs, this means exploring every possibility for resolution prior to instituting any court proceedings. As Defendants’ counsel, we aggressively work to quash claims as quickly as possible and have repeatedly proven successful at negotiating maximally favorable settlements on behalf of our clients. The team at RS Law Group has represented a myriad of different clients, facing a multitude of assorted scenarios. If trial is unavoidable, we put our entire team to work to secure favorable outcomes. Our experience extends to cases involving:

Contract Disputes

Contracts provide parties rights and responsibilities. If a party does not perform their contractual obligations, the compliant party may sue for breach of contract. If a party is not complying with a part of a contract, it is important to first determine whether they are breaching a material part of the agreement. Breaching a non-material part of the agreement gives the compliant party different rights and responsibilities compared to a situation where the breach is material.

Shareholder and Partner Actions
Corporate law provides partners and shareholders with a variety of methods to dispute and challenge actions taken by businesses or fellow partners. For example, partners can challenge agreements or purchases entered into by a co-partner if they were outside the scope of their authority. Similarly, shareholders may bring suits against third parties on behalf of the business known as derivative actions or on their own behalf as the harmed party, direct action. Knowing your rights as a shareholder or partner is a crucial aspect to protect your financial interests in a business. Consult with one of the experienced attorneys at Rabinovich Sokolov Law Group, LLC if to discuss your shareholder or partner action.
Intellectual Property Disputes
If you are the owner of intellectual property (IP) such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks, the law provides legal remedies to prevent others from mis-using or stealing your IP. Those who illegally make use of your IP can be sued in various federal or state courts to enjoin (prevent) them from further illegal conduct and to recover damages incurred, such as lost profits. Navigating the IP litigation process can be difficult because of its complexity. Our legal team can help in steering the process and protecting your IP rights.
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation Practice
Contracts often include alternate dispute resolution (ADR) clauses. Whether mediation or arbitration, we have proven strategies to achieve effective results. Jason Rabinovich serves as a mediator for The Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors (GPAR) and as a mediator/arbitrator for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.
Automotive Dealership Representation
Counsel to car dealerships, auto finance and leasing companies throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, assisting them with operations, including: acquisitions, government licensing, dealer agreements, financing, leasing, real estate, employment issues and litigation.  

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