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Marriage and divorce are both important events, which cause significant changes in your legal rights and responsibilities.  It is therefore that much more important to ensure your interests are protected. Whether you are looking to draft a pre-nuptial agreement or to dissolve your marriage, hiring an experienced attorney is critical not only to the matter at hand, but also to your peace of mind.  When hiring an attorney to deal with such a sensitive and personal matter, it is important to be represented by someone who is not only experienced, but also dedicated, compassionate and someone with a strong understanding of all the interrelated issues that are involved. At RS Law Group, our family law department is headed by just such an attorney.  Regina Tuchinsky represents clients in all matters of matrimonial and divorce law, as well as other related areas of practice, with an understanding of cultural and economic issues unmatched by other family law practitioners.

• Divorce

When it comes to divorce there are many issues and legal questions to consider.  RS Law Group’s Family Law Department head, Regina Tuchinksy, uses her knowledge and experience to help her clients understand and analyze their situations and provides effective representation that helps them navigate through these otherwise difficult and trying times.

• Nuptial Agreements

Nuptial agreements are some of the best legal tools available for your convenience and protection. By agreeing to terms today, you can avoid battling in court in the future.  By having a pre/post-nuptial agreement in place, you take control of your own destiny instead of allowing the courts to decide for you. To ensure enforceability, it is important to hire a knowledgeable attorney to draft your nuptial agreements. 

A good pre/post-nuptial agreement establishes what is/is not considered marital property; removing confusion about whether a given asset has been commingled or gifted during the course of the marriage.  It protects the financially advantaged spouse by securing those assets and protects the financially disadvantaged spouse from an expensive legal contest. Many individuals hold the belief that nuptial agreements are only for the affluent, but that is a gross misconception – seek an attorney to find out why.  Amongst the myriad of reasons to get a pre/post-nuptial agreement, both are effective tools for managing most major assets such as:

    -Business interests


    -Future earnings


• Alimony & Spousal Support

Alimony and spousal support are fields of family law that have undergone extensive change in recent years. Many attorneys are still applying antiquated rules of thumb, not accounting for the ways in which modern families live and earn. Laws can vary from state to state as well. For example: alimony in Pennsylvania is a secondary remedy, not necessarily a guaranteed right, as in some other states. When assessing your situation, the attorneys in our family law group consider all pertinent factors such as: length of the marriage, ages of the spouses and their relative earning capacities. Fault is a factor too, but only one of many; decisions about alimony and support are not made on the criteria of fault alone. By choosing RS Law Group, specifically Regina Tuchinsky, our clients gain an attorney that is not only tenacious in making arguments that best represent their interests, but one who is empathetic to their situations as well. Regina has years of experience navigating the courts and has a great working rapport within the court system and fellow colleagues, making her the perfect advocate for her clients.


• Custody

When custody is at issue in a case, all you want to do is ensure that the best interests of your children are being protected – having a lawyer that will fight to do so is critical.  Our clients get the benefit of Regina’s experience in the public sector as a child advocate, resting assured that she is standing firm to protect both her clients and their children. She will defend against any biases, stereotypes, false allegations, and apply her mediation experience to negotiate and/or litigate to achieve custody schedules that fit the individualized needs of each family.  Regina’s experience extends to relocations issues, non-paternal custody and visitation schedules, protective orders and many other realms of custody issues.


• Post Divorce Issues

Even after the issuance of the divorce decree by the court there is still much to do to finalize one’s divorce.  Regina and the rest of the family law team at RS Law Group are highly experienced with all post-divorce issues such as:

-Dividing retirements accounts and pensions via Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

    -Transferring title to property-deed preparation

    -Changing designated beneficiaries

    -Enforcing or setting aside a property settlement agreement