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The team at RS Law Group represents its diverse clientele in all aspects of real estate from purchase, to development to disposition. Whether a first-time buyer, an institutional investor or a real estate service company, our team provides a breadth of services that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of clients across all asset classes. We not only provide a full suite of legal services but also intimately understand the business of real estate. Blending our knowledge of the industry and the intricacies of the legal landscape, we help our clients navigate nearly any circumstances. Our clients include: investors, developers, general contractors, commercial lenders, title companies, property managers, real estate brokerages, and individuals.

Transactional Real Estate

We are extensively experienced with all transactional documents and negotiate zealously on our clients’ behalves in the preparation of:

• Acquisition / Disposition Documents

• Represent buyers and sellers in over $500M in transactions.
• Experience with complex commercial and “straight-forward” residential transactions.
• Representation at settlement
• Third party oversight (real estate agents, title company, and lenders)

• Debt/equity loan/investments agreements, LOIs, MOUs

Our firm works with investors of all asset classes and experience, recognizing the hardships in changing capital environments.  As investors ourselves, the managing partners approach each situation not only from a legal perspective but also from a business perspective. For that reason, our repeat investor clients seek out our advice prior to entering into any transaction.

• Joint venture agreement
• Commercial leases
• Condominium declarations, bylaws and regulations
• Management agreements
• Construction agreements

• Deed/title documents preparation and review

Whether you want to find out if transfer taxes are avoidable on intra-family transfers, need a consolidation/subdivision deeds, or need advice about your title policy, we are here to help.  Our managing partner Jason is a licensed Pennsylvania title agent and co-owner of a title company.

Land Use

RS Law Groups real estate practice also involves Land Use and Zoning, encompassing representation before Registered Community Organizations, Zoning Board of Adjustments and litigation.  We have extensive experience working with both large developers and individual homeowners to assist with all types of zoning and land use issues. The zoning code can be complex; our team is here to help.  RS Law Group approaches Land Use and Zoning not only as a legal issue, but as a political one.  Using our intimate understanding of the interests and motivations of communities and other parties involved RS Law Group attains outcomes beneficial to all.

Real Estate Litigation

At RS Law Group, we believe in doing everything possible to avoid litigation, and counsel our clients with this strategy in mind, every step of the way.  Our experience has shown that the best way to avoid litigation is to prepare for every contingency and possibility throughout the course of any transaction involving real estate. Whether drafting contracts to purchase or sell real estate or negotiating access to neighboring properties during development, we strive to prepare agreements that make litigation unlikely, however even the best agreements and relationships can turn litigious.  RS Law Group is prepared for that possibility and has the experience and insight needed to provide our clients with favorable results. Our real estate litigation practice includes:

• Construction litigation

Construction litigation involves different experts and complex construction issues, so it is important to retain counsel that is well-versed in all aspect of this type of litigation.  We have representing both real estate developers and individual homeowners as plaintiff and as defendants, including extensive trial work.

• Title and Boundary Disputes, including Quite Title, Eminent Domain
• Ejectments
• Landlord-Tenant Disputes
• Commercial Foreclosure Representation
• Municipal Agency Appeals (L and I, FHC, ZBA)
• Tax-Appeal and Litigation